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Enjoy your vacation to the fullest and relieve the effects of Altitude Sickness with an Oxygen Concentrator rental from Wasatch Oxygen

Convenient delivery to your home or room anywhere in the Wasatch

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Altitude Sickness Symptoms

Symptoms are felt when traveling to a higher altitude very quickly

Shortness of Breath
Inability/Trouble Exercising
Sleepiness or Trouble Sleeping
Loss of Appetite  

Who can be affected? Anyone

Age, gender and general health does not  make a difference in risk for altitude sickness.

– Cleveland Clinic

Causes of Altitude Sickness in Utah

Traveling from sea level to a higher altitude very quickly
• Dehydration
Strenuous activity

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Treatment of Altitude Sickness

• Rent an oxygen concentrator from Wasatch Oxygen
• Stay hydrated
• Descend to a lower altitude
Cancel/cut your vacation short and return home

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Why it Works

The oxygen concentrators you rent from Wasatch Oxygen provide 95% pure Oxygen. As your oxygen saturation increases your symptoms will decrease and you will feel better, sleep better and enjoy your vacation more.

Concentrated oxygen (in a bottle or from an oxygen concentrator) has been proven to be the most effective tool in treating and preventing altitude sickness in Utah.

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About Wasatch Oxygen Concentrators

2 People

5lpm of oxygen (enough for 2 people to use concurrently)


Quietest on the Market


Fully effective up to 10k feet. (Most other brands are only good to 7500ft)

Oxygen Concentrator Rental Prices

2 Day Minimum

We provide Oxygen Concentrator Rentals anywhere in the Wasatch area.  

Delivery and Pickup is included as long as the reservation is made 24 hours in advance.  Same day booking will incur a $50.00 delivery fee.

Call with questions: 435-255-6988

First 2 Days $150

Addt'l Days $50

1 Week $375

2 Weeks $650